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kangyaeb color palette

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kangyaeb Color Palette Documentation

Use this generated documentation for your further work. We've automatically calculated RGB and CMYK values for your colors.

Color HEX RGB CMYK Comment
#FFE6DFRGB (255,230,223)CMYK (0,10,13,0)
#E6A2C5RGB (230,162,197)CMYK (0,27,13,10)
#AD7592RGB (173,117,146)CMYK (0,22,11,32)
#DCEAFFRGB (220,234,255)CMYK (14,8,0,0)
#A6C0E7RGB (166,192,231)CMYK (25,15,0,9)
#7496D2RGB (116,150,210)CMYK (37,24,0,18)
#D74574RGB (215,69,116)CMYK (0,57,39,16)
#FFFFFFRGB (255,255,255)CMYK (0,0,0,0)
#4B6C9DRGB (75,108,157)CMYK (32,19,0,38)

kangyaeb webdesign theme example

This experimental feature shows you how the colors could be used to create a webdesign. It is automatically generated and can look quite good sometimes (and sometimes not :) ). We are constantly improving our algorithms to generate better results over time.