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Generations color Scheme

from left to right: The Greatest Generation, The Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z

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face Indigo_StormXD

Generations Color Palette Documentation

Use this generated documentation for your further work. We've automatically calculated RGB and CMYK values for your colors.

Color HEX RGB CMYK Comment
#20027ARGB (32,2,122)CMYK (35,47,0,52)
#2A00A6RGB (42,0,166)CMYK (49,65,0,35)
#2800B7RGB (40,0,183)CMYK (56,72,0,28)
#2C00CDRGB (44,0,205)CMYK (63,80,0,20)
#2F00FFRGB (47,0,255)CMYK (82,100,0,0)
#5945EFRGB (89,69,239)CMYK (59,67,0,6)

Generations webdesign theme example

This experimental feature shows you how the colors could be used to create a webdesign. It is automatically generated and can look quite good sometimes (and sometimes not :) ). We are constantly improving our algorithms to generate better results over time.