Placeholder Image Generator

Need custom size and custom color placeholder images for your web projects? Here you go. Just enter the the dimensions of the image you need and you will be served with the image. How to get your images

Placeholder Image API Usage:

  • 1920 x 1080 with random color:
  • #4fcb94 (green) Card 800 x 600 :
  • Blue Card 300 x 320 with text:

Use the cards for your theme, blog or whatever like this:

<img src="//"> See result

Generate Custom Placeholder Image:

Width* (pixels)
Height* (pixels)
Color (optional)
Text (optional)

180x180 pixels

170x230 pixels

180x120 pixels

Placeholder Image Generator

While developing a theme or while creating wireframes, designs and moodboards, it is often useful to have some placeholder image rather. We have taken care of this fact and created this easy-to-use placeholder image generator. It is completely free and the amount of requests is not limited (as of today). Feel free to use it in your next project. You can generate placeholder Images with random colors or set a specific color. You can also add text or not add text. The sitze of the placeholders is limited to full-hd. The images are delivered as PNGs and are only a few Kilobytes in size, thus supporting a fast loading speed during development.