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What color is each month? color Scheme

From left to right; Top: Jan-May, Middle: Jun-Oct, Bottom: Nov & Dec. These are colors I think go well with each month. (Not scientific at all)

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face Indigo_StormXD

What color is each month? Color Palette Documentation

Use this generated documentation for your further work. We've automatically calculated RGB and CMYK values for your colors.

Color HEX RGB CMYK Comment
#ADF5FFRGB (173,245,255)CMYK (32,4,0,0)
#6C007FRGB (108,0,127)CMYK (7,50,0,50)
#9FFFEDRGB (159,255,237)CMYK (38,0,7,0)
#EAEE00RGB (234,238,0)CMYK (2,0,93,7)
#00B71BRGB (0,183,27)CMYK (72,0,61,28)
#FF00D9RGB (255,0,217)CMYK (0,100,15,0)
#E73A00RGB (231,58,0)CMYK (0,68,91,9)
#FEAE00RGB (254,174,0)CMYK (0,31,100,0)
#AFE900RGB (175,233,0)CMYK (23,0,91,9)
#06766CRGB (6,118,108)CMYK (44,0,4,54)
#9F1800RGB (159,24,0)CMYK (0,53,62,38)
#02005BRGB (2,0,91)CMYK (35,36,0,64)

What color is each month? webdesign theme example

This experimental feature shows you how the colors could be used to create a webdesign. It is automatically generated and can look quite good sometimes (and sometimes not :) ). We are constantly improving our algorithms to generate better results over time.